Veronica Azzellini

Veronica Azzellini, Product Owner at App Marisa, discusses tackling the growing mobile market in Brazil.

Veronica Azzellini
Product Owner
How App Marisa Has Leveraged the Growing Mobile Market in Brazil

The Brazil market has been growing! Not only that, we’ve seen that consumers in Brazil install more than 11 apps a quarter - compared to the US where most consumers install less than 5. Not only that, 60% of all app installs in Brazil are the result of advertising campaigns. Considering this, what advice would you give to an app marketer just entering the Brazil market?

The first step is to have a clear plan. Start doing the main questions: What are the short and long term goals? Which KPIs will be vital for reaching it? Based on these answers, you will know how to start and what to prioritize. For the Brazil market, it’s vital to choose your partners wisely when investing in media. The best way for us to boost user acquisition is to have our account partners who know the market take care of the campaign. Based on your goals, your partner will find the best sources for new users, and optimize it based on your app in-app events.

Brazilians also seem to be enthusiastic app users. We’ve seen trends that show 78% of the market are willing to buy through an app over any other payment option. As product owner of a successful retail app, what methods do you find the most successful in gaining and keeping loyal shoppers?

Keep in mind that the user is seeking mobile benefits when agreeing to install your app. If you are a retailer, think about discounts. If you are a financial app, cut off the bureaucracy or user friction. If you are a streaming app, focus on providing the best experience. The communication with your users must be clear and smart - it’s vital for us to understand our user’s clusters, and reach them with the right offers at the right time. And finally, never get too comfy - always think about how you can improve your app based on your user’s necessity.

Despite the growing use of apps, we’ve seen that fraud concerns are large in the market. Are there specific ways you navigate your campaigns to keep clear of fraud?

This is why it is vital to trust in the right media partner. Always question what methods are used to eliminate suspect users. Remember that “cheap” CPIs and CPAs will not necessarily yield the best sources of user. We find that in the Brazil market - preloads and social media are the most reliable sources for clean traffic.

We find that campaign metrics often can be misleading. Can you give us an example of a time where you saw metrics that led you to believe one thing - but you learned something different once you dug deeper.

The best advice I can give is to always look closer when things are too good to be true in your dashboards. Once we saw great metrics across the board: the uninstall rate was low, the conversion rate was above expected, and installs were very high. But when we dug deeper, we found that the installation rate was not following the same rhythm in the consoles -  it was a sign that something in our flow of acquisition was wrong. So we had to review all of our media sources to have the best result again.

Put on your futurist hat: what new innovations do you feel would be most helpful in simplifying app discovery?

Customization would be our key innovation. Every user is unique and wants to be treated as such. So we are walking through the challenge of having the best data modeling and technological features to deliver exactly that - a hand-made app for each and every one of our users.

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