PopReach Sees a 65% Increase in Ad ARPDAU After Switching Their Mediation to DT FairBid

The DT team highlights optimization opportunities and creative in-game features that balance continuous ARPDAU growth

Increase in Ad ARPDAU on Flagship Title
Top Grossing Titles Moved to DT FairBid

DT team’s level of support and transparency, and their attention to detail with our performance is key to the tremendous 65% increase in Ad ARPDAU we have seen when switching to DT FairBid as our mediation partner

Marina Sapunova, VP, GameStudios

Company Overview

PopReach Games is a free-to-play mobile game publisher with over 25 games enjoyed by millions of players.

Focused on acquiring and optimizing proven franchises, PopReach is a global company with studios in Vancouver and Bangalore.

The Challenge

In the current economic climate, app developers have to see a continuous steady growth of their monetization revenue.PopReach’s goal was to harness the potential of their flagship title - Smurfs Magic Match - in full. After seeing steady but not improving performance with their previous mediation partner, they decided to switch to DT FairBid to see if a new mediation partner would be the right solution.

The Solution

Together with PopReach, the DT team started by analyzing PopReach’s current approach to monetization, diving into the placements, networks, and waterfall set-up.Acting as an extension of PopReach’s in-house ad monetization team, Digital Turbine helped optimize the existing ad monetization stack and added and scaled a new ad placement, which led to a 65% increase in Ad ARPDAU in Q2, compared to the previous mediation partner’s performance.Now, with ongoing ad monetization performance reviews, the DT team highlights optimization opportunities and creative in-game features that balance continuous Ad ARPDAU growth while upholding a positive user experience for Smurfs Magic Match. Following great results with the flagship title performance with Digital Turbine, PopReach has moved another title, Smurfs Village, to DT FairBid.

The Results

  • 65% increase in Ad ARPDAU on flagship title
  • Expansion of Partnership: DT FairBid integrated into another leading title in the PopReach portfolio - Smurfs Village
  • DT team acts as an extension of the developer’s ad monetization team, providing regular business reviews and highlighting the optimizations opportunities that unlock continuous Ad ARPDAU growth
Targeted Devices
iOS and Android
Ad Units
Interstitial, Rewarded Video

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