OTTO Increases Number of Installs by 10X YoY with DT Growth, Hitting CPO Goals

After consistent increase in their Android user base, OTTO initiated user acquisition campaigns on iOS

Increase in Number of Installs YoY
Increase in Installs MoM
Overall Campaign CVR Growth YoY
Continuous Months of Hitting CPO Goals

DT continuously helps us to grow our app user base while hitting our internal CPO and ROAS goals. By using DT’s SingleTap technology, we were able to offer users a frictionless app install experience on Android devices. As a result, we saw a significant uplift in install rate.

Marian Bucher
Professional Expert App Growth

The Company Overview

OTTO is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Europe and Germany’s largest online retailer for furniture and home furnishing products. In the fiscal year of 2021/2022, OTTO earned a gross revenue of 5.1 billion Euros. OTTO is a member of the Hamburg-based, multinational Otto Group.

The Challenge

OTTO was seeking to expand programmatic marketing channels to grow their app user base across iOS and Android. The focus was on efficiently acquiring new users who repeatedly use the OTTO app to shop, ensuring both the CPO (cost per order) and ROAS (return on ad spend) goals were met.

The Solution

OTTO partnered with DT using the in-app advertising solution available through DT Growth for their user acquisition activity on Android and iOS. As a result, they experienced an increased number of installs while hitting their CPO goals thanks to inherent DT Growth advantages:

  • By using DT’s patented technology, SingleTap™, users could download OTTO’s app in just one click, avoiding trips to the app store and additional load times
  • Machine Learning (ML) optimization models leveraged scale and targeted valuable users to maximize OTTO’s performance
  • DT Growth utilizes user behavior data gathered from Dynamic Installs campaigns in order to achieve an efficient balance of target, bid, and inventory, resulting in quality installs at scale. All this is in compliance with data protection and user consent.
  • Via 80K direct SDK integrations, OTTO was able to expand user reach and maximize the power of DT Exchange

The Results

Machine Learning (ML) optimization models leveraged scale and targeted valuable users to maximize Otto's performance.OTTO’s CPO goals were consistently met as campaigns scaled. They achieved a 22% MoM increase in installs which allowed them to continually grow their user base. Following these great successes with their Android campaigns, OTTO decided to start iOS user acquisition campaigns with DT.

Reached Goals
Expanded user reach via 80K direct SDK integration and maximized performance with machine learning optimization models
Targeted Devices
Android & iOS
Ad Unit
DT Growth utilizing video and display ad formats

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