Major Auto Brand Uses DT's Video to Exceed Benchmarks & Drive In-Store Traffic

A dual-language approach and interactive video experience received engagement rates 2.6x higher than industry benchmarks

Video Completion Rate
Engagement Rate
Cost Per Site Visit
More Cost Effective CPSV

Company Overview

A household name in Southern California, this leading auto dealer is recognized in customer satisfaction for its service, vehicle quality and reliability. With over 50 dealerships in the region, its large dealer network means easy accessibility for local car shoppers.

The Challenge

The auto dealer’s primary objective was to drive website visits with an efficient CPSV, with a secondary goal of increasing dealership foot traffic. They aimed to cater the campaign creative  their market’s audience, by incorporating English and Spanish messaging. Additionally, the brand has several seasonal sales events across the year, so they wanted to ensure evergreen delivery to remain top-of-mind for in-market/near-market shoppers throughout these seasons.

The Solution

The auto brand partnered with DT Creative Lab to create a bilingual campaign powered by interactive messaging that utilizes the full potential of the smartphone experience. Customization included animated highlights and calls-to-action that were overlaid on top of a high-quality video ad, and a post-video interactive screen that enabled users to quickly & easily access the promotional sales offer from the brand.

The Results

  • 95.3% Video Completion Rate (VCR) | Benchmark: 85-90%
  • 8% Engagement Rate | Benchmark: 2-3%
  • $1.35 Cost Per Site Visit (CPSV) | Benchmark: $3.00 or more
Drive website and in-person dealership visits
Southern California, USA
Targeted Devices
Android & iOS
Ad Unit
HD video, overlay, post video interactivity

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